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A lead generation marketing agency located in Charlotte, NC.

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About Us was founded in 2001 by Patrick LaJuett.  Mr. LaJuett has been helping customers with their graphic design and marketing needs since 1990.  His background includes senior graphic design positions with Fortune 500 companies: Kodak and Xerox as well as Paychex.

Agile, Efficient and Ethical

Businesses need to get things up and running fast... our agency was formed to do just that.  Our focus is on creativity, craftsmanship and building strong customer relationships. We value the alliance we forge with clients, offering unmatched courtesy, responsiveness, and quality during each project.

Helping Customers "Get It" Online

Web technology continues to change quickly, and keeping pace "ain't easy".  This is where we come in -- LaJuett helps cut through the endless clutter of buzz words, trends, and techno jargon.  Our approach is to build functional solutions that work for you.

Over the past decade, we have assembled a skilled team of designers, developers, writers and social media gurus.  This team helps us provide a comprehensive suite of Web solutions to the Charlotte, NC area and beyond.

“We work hard to understand your Web design needs. Our team is committed to designing unique Web solutions that will help your business succeed.”
– Patrick LaJuett, President & Founder

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