Dear Valued Customer:

Let me proudly introduce you to the new Frontier CyberCenter – Rochester’s Tier 1, “World Class” Complex Web Hosting facility that provides what Rochester companies need today…to succeed tomorrow.

Discover how your Total Cost of Ownership – in both equipment and man-hours – can be reduced by moving your Internet servers into this shared-cost environment. Revolutionize your network with burstable bandwidth and protect your most critical data in this secure, fault-tolerant facility. You can schedule a personal tour of this one-of-a-kind multi-million dollar facility or request more information, by calling me at the number below or clicking on the link For More Information. To help me learn more about your specific needs complete the brief 30-Second Network Analysis attached below, and I will work with our engineering team to design a network solution that is right for your business.

I am delighted to include you among the initial audience to be introduced to this extraordinary new facility and I encourage you to explore all it has to offer while rack space is still available. Please forward this message to any of your colleagues who may also be interested in the new Frontier CyberCenter – where the Internet begins in Rochester! 

Contact me today to find out how working together we can Revolutionize your network. Thank you for your time and interest.

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