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Email marketing and e-mail campaign management services in Charlotte NC.

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We Help you Reach Your Customers

Patrick LaJuett helps companies eliminate ineffective direct mailings and increase returns through targeted, relevant efforts. LaJuett's email marketing solutions are designed to fundamentally change the way businesses interact with customers, prospects, partners, investors, employees and other constituents. Companies in almost every industry are using the Internet and eCommerce to redefine the way that goods and services are marketed, sold and distributed.

Permission-based email communications are cost-efficient and are consistently proven effective in increasing value throughout the customer lifecycle. - See more samples -

Benefits of Our Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Communicate faster, less expensively and more effectively with customers
  • Leverage multimedia content within email messages and yield higher response rates
  • Foster long-term relationships and build customer communities through targeted campaigns that collect information and develop better understanding of customers' viewing/buying habits
  • Customize and personalize email messages
  • Widen the reach through viral, "send to a friend," email marketing
  • Track and report results in real time
  • Drive measurable ROI, unlike direct mail and printed mail


  • Create & Send Account set-up: $100 Web-based portal for email campaign management with secure login
  • List set-up: $50 Import customer database of email addresses for your distribution list.
  • Template design $350 Develop initial email design template with corporate branding.
  • Campaign fee: $10 Cost per individual campaign, i.e., special offers, quarterly newsletter, product launch, etc.
  • Delivery fee: (.03/per recipient)* For example .03 X 1,000 = $30.
  • Campaign Monitoring: Included Measure and track open rates and click-throughs

*up to 50,000 recipients.

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