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Special offers & discounts for small business owners. See our turn-key Website solution...empowering you to maintain your own site.

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Limited Time Offer – Get a New Website for $1,900*

For a limited time, we are offering a discounted rate on our "turnkey" Web site solution.

Our content management system (CMS) enables you to manage your own site without knowledge of complex programming code.  No need to call a web developer every time you want to make minor changes. Our Content Management System will save your company time and money. We give the control back to you, allowing you to change your Website at any time.  Get your Website up and running fast .

What's Included with your Web Site?

Website Design, Set-up and Configuration

  • Professionally designed Website skin (Web template)
  • Installation and configuration of CMS Framework
  • Browser-based site management console
  • Easy to use "MS Office-like" WYSIWYG page content editor
  • Professional design and layout of initial 8 pages**
  • Scalable architecture for future growth
          (Create as many pages as you like – we'll teach you how)
  • Access to Online CMS guided tour
  • Creation of custom browser favicon
  • One hour training session
  • Basic Search optimization (SEO) & Web Directory submission

$1,900 Design & Set-up

Content (text and images) must be provided electronically by customer. **Additional pages cost $80/each. Offer requires subscription to annual maintenance fee.

*Plus Annual Subscription Fee

Website Hosting, Database Hosting, Email Accounts and Help Desk Support

  • Web site hosting
    • 800MB of storage / 10GB of monthly bandwidth
    • Microsoft SQL 2005 Server database
    • Email accounts set-up (up to 10 mailboxes)
    • ASP.NET 2.0
  • Monthly Web analytics reports via email (PDF)
  • Daily site back-ups
  • 3 hours of SEO, design and technical phone support per year (15 minutes/month)

$50 Monthly ($600 Annually)

Key Features of a Maiden Web Design website

Users can manage all aspects of their Web site.  The content management system provides all of the key features and tools required to operate and maintain the site, as well as giving the administrator complete control of the content, layout, membership, and security of the site.  Users without programming skill can maintain completely original, dynamic Websites.

Another advantage of our CMS, is the ability to install add-on modules for your Website.  Features such as Blogs, Wikis, Calendars, Surveys, E-Commerce, Image Galleries, Video Players and more.

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